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To better health

What is EDS?

Electro Dermal Screening

EDS is a procedure which uses an electromagnetic field to measure electrical resistance along pathways called meridians. This technology allows us to conduct an interview with the body identifying imbalances in the energy flow to specific organs, glands, and systems. By using the body's energy field at predetermined acupuncture points, it is possible to analyze the energetic cause of physical problems and offer natural alternatives to achieve optimal health.


What can EDS help with?

• Fatigue
​• Joint/Muscle Pain Management​
• Stress/ Anxiety/ Sleep Issues​
• Sugar & Carb Cravings
• ​Focus & Attention Issues
​• Intolerances (foods, inhalants, molds, pollen, etc.)​
• Headaches
​• Digestive & Stomach Issues
• Infant/ Children's Health
• Cold/Flu-Bacterial/Viral
• Environmental Toxins (chemicals, metals, pesticides, herbicides)
• Hormonal & Emotional Balance
• Fine-tune supplemental needs (vitamins, etc.)